I saw a post on a facebook that read:

Let's start a list of businesses that we know have helped in one way or another to support for future. Whether it be by donating supplies, space for shelter, donating food to evacuees/first responders. These are the businesses that in these hard times giving back that we should be supporting.

Posted By: Ivette Celedon
How it started

This post had me wondering, "how I can return the favor and give thanks to all these noble businesses giving back to the community?" The solution I ended up with was to develop a website that featured all of the positive businesses and honored them. But then I continued thinking of other ways to give thanks to them. I discovered another way to give back to these businesses is to like them on social media and leave them positive online reviews. Having a big following and lots of reviews is great P.R for businesses and leads to a higher chance of success. For example, studies have shown that we are more likely to visit a business that has lots of 5-star reviews. If everyone one in the community left a good review and liked these businesses on their social media profile we would be helping them out in their marketing and giving back to them for their good deeds.

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