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In the hours and days following the firestorm, Sonic became a shelter for dozens of employees, their families, and their pets. As staff called Sonic home (Camp Sonic, actually), they decided to pitch in and help the community the best way they knew how: by connecting internet and phone to those who needed it most. Sonic staff sprung into action and connected the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County with more than 10 new phones lines and a switch to handle the flood of incoming calls. Sonic installers helped the Graton Day Labor center get back online as they scrambled to assist people who'd been displaced (and the Center isn't even a Sonic customer - one of Sonic's engineers just happened to see a note on Facebook about how they needed help with internet and, well... Sonic knows internet). A few days later the Sonic construction, or Plant, team volunteered to work through the weekend to help reconnect Sonic's businesses clients in places like Fountaingrove Business Park with fiber internet. They ran an emergency pathway through Santa Rosa and replaced burned and melted infrastructure, getting customers like KZST back online days before projected. To support the business community, Sonic offered office space for displaced business clients and expedited service setting up internet and phone for those who've had to relocate. For our residential customers who lost homes, we've helped them pause or forward their services, or set them up in new locations free of charge. In Sonoma County and Mendocino County, Sonic internet and phone stayed up and running throughout the crisis, providing community and connection. Peoples' front porches became neighborhood WiFi hotspots, as did the Willits public library, also a Sonic customer. Their librarians told the Willits News how the town's residents flocked to the site and "...asked questions about whether or not Highway 101 was open, why the library had wifi and no one else did, how they could access the internet, where the evacuation warnings were and where the fire was. The librarians said they had never seen anything like it in Willits. As a local, Santa-Rosa based business and employer, and also the largest independent ISP in Northern California, Sonic is proud of the service we offer and the work we do every day. But, as CEO Dane Jasper writes, we've never been prouder nor more dedicated to our community going forward. "I knew all of you were amazing, before these fires. I saw it every day, in the small things, the praise from customers, the loyalty and dedication to our mission, and to our members, and to each other," Jasper wrote in an open letter to staff. "But this week has really shown me even more clearly what wonderful people you all are. Thank you for that. This community and members of our Sonic team will have real challenges in front of them in the coming months. Lets stick together and continue to support them. Some have lost their homes, some have parents or family or friends who have lost homes, and some have family who have lost their jobs because businesses have been destroyed. This is an opportunity for us all, to continue to make a difference for those here at Sonic and those in our community who are only beginning their process of returning from the devastation of these fires. Together we can do it."

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Location: 2260 Apollo Way, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Phone: (888) 766-4233


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